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Smooth Moves

Before You Move

1.   Send your forwarding address to the local post office and send change of address to:
    •    Insurance Companies
    •    Magazines
    •    Merchants with whom you have accounts
    •    Clubs to which you belong
    •    Friends
    •    Charge accounts, credit cards
    •    Book/CD clubs
    •    Catalogs
    •    Draft Board
    •    Veterans Administration
2.  Transfer your Insurance:
    •    Life
    •    Hospitalization
    •    Automobile
    •    Household goods & personal possessions in order that they will be properly covered enroute, as well as in your new home.
    •    Have your bank recommend an affiliate in your new city.
    •    Arrange sufficient cash or travelers checks to cover the cost of moving services and expenses.  Cash or a certified check is usually required by the transfer company.
3.  Transfer Bank Accounts:
    •    Checking
    •    Savings
    •    Safe Deposit Box
4.  Disconnect and obtain any deposits or letters of credits:
    •    Electricity
    •    Gas
    •    Telephone
    •    Water
5.  Stop service on the following:
    •    Newspaper
    •    Lawn
    •    Garbage Collection
    •    Laundry, Diapers
    •    Bakery, Milk
    •    Other_________________
6.  Notify the principal of your children's school about your intended move:
    •    Request a letter from him covering the status of your children in school
7.  Notify your church pastor that you are leaving.
8.  Obtain birth and baptism records of your children.
9.  Obtain all medical records of shots, dental records and eyeglass prescriptions
    •    Have your drug prescription filled
10. Check with your attorney about will revisions, if moving out of state.
11. Have appliances serviced for the trip:
    •    Service power mowers, boats, etc. drain all gas/oil to prevent fire in moving van.
    •    Automobiles
    •    Refrigerator
12. Pick up personal items:
    •    Shoes being repaired
    •    Dry cleaning and laundry
    •    Off-season stored clothing
    •    Processing

Making the Transition Easier

Once you get to the area, you'll need to take care of details such as notifying utilities, changing your auto driver's license, registering to vote, etc.  Here are phone numbers to help you get settled.
    •    Newspaper The State (803) 771-8380
    •    Telephone Service
Local: BellSouth (803) 780-2355 1-800-336-0014
Long Distance: AT&T 1-800-222-0300 
MCI 1-800-950-5555 
Sprint 1-800-877-7746
    •    Electrical Service
SCE&G (803)-799-9000
SCE&G ((Chapin) (803) 345-5106
Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative (803)749-6400 1-888-813-9000
    •    Cable Television
Time Warner Cable (803)791-4650
    •    Driver's License
Division of Motor Vehicles
General Information (803) 737-1767
    •    Voter Registration
Lexington County (803) 359-8361
Richland County (803) 748-4944
**info deemed reliable, but not guaranteed and subject to change

Making the Move with Children

1.The changes that come with moving can be both exciting and scary for children of all ages.  Keep in mind, different kids handle new situations differently. 

2.Here are a few tips for parents from kids who have moved.

3.Ask your children what they think about your move.  Give them the chance to talk about their concerns, their dreams, and their ideas about the new place they'll call home.

4.Tell them as much as you can about the new city, new house, and new school.  Our Relocation Packet should help you answer their questions and get them excited about their new home.  I'd be happy to send you a Relocation Packet upon request.

5.Don't surprise your children; tell them far enough in advance of the actual move that they'll have the chance to think about it and talk to you about their concerns and emotions.  However, kids also suggest you advise your children not to tell their friends until the moving date gets closer.

6.Do give your kids the chance to say good-bye to their friends.

7.If possible, move during the school year so your kids have a chance to make new friends before the summer.  It also helps in the fall if you're walking back into a school you've been to before (even if it was only for a month or two).

8.Once you're in your new home, give your kids plenty of opportunities to meet other kids and make new friends.  If this means giving them a bit more freedom, consider doing it.
9.Don't be surprised (or alarmed) if, for a while, your kids seem moody or out-of-sorts.  It's part of adapting to all the changes.
10.Give your kids time to adjust; don't be overly persistent in asking if they're making new friends.  It adds to the stress.

11.And here are some tips for parents from parents experienced at moving with children:

12.Even though you are busy getting ready to move, set aside time to spend with your kids.  No matter what their ages, they need time with you… an important " constant" in their lives.

13.Talk to your pediatrician before you move and get recommendations, copies of medical records, etc., which helps make the transition easier.

14.Include your children in organizing, packing, and unpacking.  Assign special age-appropriate tasks to make them feel part of the move.

15.Prepare for moving your child to a new community by checking on the availability of activities related to his or her special interests.  Use information in the Relocation Packet to help.
16.If you have older children, involve them in decorating their new rooms.
17.Encourage children to gather information about the new area, their hobbies, sports and other activities that interest them.

18.If you move during the summer, encourage your children to get involved in summer activities.  Older children may want to get summer jobs to make new friends before school starts.

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